La Storia

The first documents that mention the Tower, part of the walls of the old city, make it back to the thirteenth century. The documents tell of a fortified city dedicated to developing cultural and university center. The tower was given to students in exchange for the security guard to the walls and to the defense of the city, and the occupants had to worry about the maintenance and cleaning.
In subsequent documents, much more recently, the tower was used as a guard at the top, but always with entrance from Via della Rocca, gave access to the remittance of horses.
For many years we do not know how it was used, until 1800, when he became farm house and the barn, once a refuge for horses, it becomes remittance of sheep and goats.
The restructuring of the Tower and ‘began in 2007, with the serious intention of turning it into a real residence. The works were aimed at consolidating the structure and research of all those actions necessary to make it more functional and livable.
The top of the Tower, where now insist the charming room “Rose” room and “Ivory”, was not inhabited and was busy the middle section, all with access from Via della Rocca n. 39.
Until a few years ago, before the renovation, it was inhabited by an old woman, who occupied the only two-storey central, affectionately called by the boys in the neighborhood “The Witch of the Tower.”
the Tower is spread over four floors, the base, with the possibility of entry by way Eastern Bypass, the local tavern, used for breakfast, upstairs the common room of entertainment, with 40-inch TVs with room “Lilla” and bathroom , still climbing, you reach the floor of a room “Ochre” room and “Green”, even their delicious, equipped with every comfort and services.
While maintaining the structure, and ‘tried to maintain through the beautiful furniture and original, the charm of days gone by, dragging the host, as in a dream, Sulmona in the Middle Ages.